Meet Vivibot, a chatbot for young cancer survivors

Finding out you had cancer was tough. Dealing with all the emotions of surviving cancer is something else.

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  • Learn positive psychology coping skills
  • Get things off your chest when you need to
  • Get support without the judgment

Navigating your new normal can be hard, that’s where Vivibot comes in.

Our goal at Hopelab is to transform the cancer treatment experience for teens and young adults by promoting psychological resilience and empowering young adults to direct their own care as they leave treatment to begin their new life beyond cancer.

You're not alone.

Vivibot is a chatbot from Hopelab designed by and for cancer survivors like you.

" When going through treatment it was hard not to bum out my friends… this is a way to openly talk about those changes… "

" I appreciate how chill this is and it totally doesn’t feel like talking to a bot or a therapist. "

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Vivibot is a project of Hopelab, a social innovation lab focused on designing science-based technologies to improve the health and well-being of teens and young adults.

Learn more about how we co-developed Vivibot with young cancer survivors.

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